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Plains Indian Umbilical Cord Fetish

Size: 6.75" L3.5" W
SKU: 900149484




Plains Indian hide beaded umbilical cord turtle fetish. This umbilical cord fetish was never used to store an umbilical cord which the Plains Indians did to be used as a protection piece. The mother would make them and keep them until the child becomes and adult then give it back to them. This particular fetish is beaded on deer hide. The beads are sinew-sewn. Decorations of dyed feathers at the ends of tine cone accents. The cones are attached by thread. Created in a turtle design with symmetrical beadwork in powder blue surrounded by a greasy yellow field and divided by a band of powder blue. The powder blue bands have small rectangular designs of cobalt blue and white. The back of the turtle shell is further decorated with red white-heart crosses with faceted metal bead centers. The whole turtle is edged with a line of green and cobalt blue with alternating faceted metal beads.

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