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Sioux Beaded Winter Moccasins

Size: 10.25" L
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Sioux Winter Moccasins. Pair of Sioux moccasins of Native brain-tanned buckskin with hide soles and strips of soft native-tanned moosehide ankle wraps for added warmth. Soles are sinew sewn. Cotton thread is used in the sewing of the moosehide and buckskin. The beaded design is done in the "lazy stitch" technique and features a white background with alternating outlined stepped tipi designs with green doors outlined in white, surrounded by cobalt blue and bordered with red white-hearts and vertical square "tracks" of red white-hearts around the border. A strip of white beading down the center of the instep is decorated with cobalt blue tipi designs edged in red white-hearts. The "buffalo track" of the instep is beaded in green. The tongues extend as one piece from the upper and are bifurcated, beaded in a white background with alternating cobalt blue and red white-heart "tracks". The tongue including bifurcations are edged with green in a lace design. All beads used are venetian and sewn with sinew.

Condition: Minor bead loss on the left moccasin toe and heel.

Circa: 1880

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