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Navajo Jewelry

All cultures create items to adorn their bodies and Native American Indians were certainly no exception! The look and style of Native American jewelry has changed significantly over the years due to the introduction of materials from a variety of cultures. Turquoise is Native to Southwestern jewelry and has been used in Native American Indian jewelry for centuries. Beads and carvings shaped and drilled from turquoise as well as shells and other semi-precious stones available through trade routes throughout the Americas are a strong tradition that continues today, especially among the Pueblos.

Cameron Trading Post is proud to offer a fine selection of Native American jewelry and Southwest jewelry, featuring a wide variety of Navajo silver, turquoise, and inlay, Santo Domingo heishi, Hopi sterling overlay, and beautiful turquoise petitpoint, needlepoint, and inlay Zuni jewelry. Navajo Indian jewelry and Zuni jewelry are renowned for their use of turquoise and other semi-precious and precious stones and shell. A turquoise necklace, turquoise bracelets, and turquoise earrings have been and still are favorites among visitors & residents alike who love Southwestern jewelry.

Southwestern Navajo jewelry never goes out of fashion. One often sees stars of the silver & the TV screen, young and old, bedecked with their turquoise bracelets, turquoise earrings, turquoise necklaces, concho belts, & bolo ties. But for the Native American Indian, jewelry has always been an integral part of their culture. Navajo jewelry is worn as a show of prosperity and the same is true of the Pueblos. Interestingly the Navajo often prefer the Zuni jewelry cluster style turquoise bracelets, and pins, & the turquoise bead necklaces & earrings of the Santo Domingo, while the Pueblos often prefer the Navajo Indian jewelry style of turquoise necklace and earrings.

Navajo and Zuni Jewelry

Southwestern jewelry and Native American jewelry in particular are an ever changing commodity. The styles of Native American Indian jewelry; the silverwork of Navajo jewelry, the lapidary of Zuni jewelry, the overlay of Hopi jewelry, and the handmade turquoise bead jewelry of the Santo Domingo remain little changed, but the designs are an ever growing work in progress, limited only by the imagination and skill of the artist. Native American and Navajo Indian jewelry is world-renowned for its quality, beauty, and innovation. The Cameron Trading Post is proud to offer some of the finest. If your looking for a beautiful pair of Navajo turquoise earrings, a fine Zuni inlaid turquoise necklace, the symmetry & symbolism of a Hopi bracelet, or any fine example of Southwestern jewelry, you are sure to find it here. If you don’t find the Native American Indian jewelry you are looking for, let us know. We would be happy to try and find it for you or make a special order for that special turquoise necklace, turquoise bracelet, and matching turquoise earrings you’ve been wanting!

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