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Weaponry-Ceremonial & Decor

One beautiful aspect of Southwest decor is reproduction ceremonial art and weaponry. The ceremonial art and weaponry of the Great Plains and other Native American tribes was singular in its beauty and function. Artistic expression was never separated from the every day life of the Native American Indians and this shows in their ceremonial art and their weapons of war. American Indian bows and arrows were often decorated with spiritually potent symbols and were carried in beautifully beaded bow cases and quivers often decorated with the hides and talismans of animals, both predators and prey. Native American Indian spears were also decorated in this way. Ceremonial items such as rattles and medicine bags were often made from the shells of turtles, gourds, or hides of spiritually important totem animals. These American Indian rattles, prayer sticks, talking sticks, and other ceremonial accoutrements were also painted, beaded, and decorated with furs and spirit totems. While these ceremonial items are still made and used, they are sacred and not offered for sale. However, decorative ceremonial art and weaponry, crafted by Native American Indian artisans are a unique and beautiful representation of this art. The beauty of these items is not limited to Southwestern art alone. These Native American hand crafted bows, arrows, rattles, spears, and ceremonial paraphernalia make a dramatic statement within any decorating theme.

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