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Other Pueblos Pottery

Looking for Pueblo pottery online? There are many Southwestern Indian Pueblo peoples who create fine and beautiful pottery in a style that reflects each individual culture. Here you’ll find the intricate pottery of the Zia Pueblo, Santa Ana Pueblo, Zuni Pueblo, San Juan Pueblo, and Santo Domingo Pueblo. Although the Pueblo pottery of these individual tribes is as artistic and excellent as any other, there are fewer of the Pueblo pottery artisans and therefore fewer pieces available. We have listed these fine pieces of Pueblo Indian Pottery together rather than creating a separate category for each. Browse our various Pueblo pottery below, or contact our team for more information here.

Browse Authentic Pueblo Pottery Online

Each Pueblo vase, seed pot, or other pottery is a unique, one-of-a-kind authentic piece. The art designs on each piece of pottery have been passed down from many generations. Browse genuine designs from the Zia Pueblo, Santa Ana Pueblo, Zuni Pueblo, San Juan Pueblo, and Santo Domingo Pueblo peoples on this page. You’ll find beautiful floral, fauna, natural, religious, or geometric designs.

Check out our beautiful Laguna pottery pieces: PT5235, PT5236; Santo Domingo art: PT5231, PT5207, and seed pot; and more! Be sure to check back often for genuine Pueblo pottery pieces!

Zia Pueblo Artists

The Zia Pueblo, located in central New Mexico, are renowned for their vibrant pottery, characterized by striking designs. The artists here are celebrated for their etched designs on a variety of pottery forms such as vases, bowls, seed pots, and wedding vases. These pieces often feature traditional Zia symbols like the sun, birds, and geometric patterns, all meticulously hand-etched.

Each piece of Zia Pueblo pottery tells a story, preserving the heritage and artistry passed down through generations. Zia Pueblo pottery is known for its durability and the vivid red and white colors achieved through a unique firing process. Browse Zia Pueblo pottery on this page!

Santa Ana Pueblo Pottery

At The Cameron Trading Post, we also have Santa Ana Pueblo pottery available to give as a gift, or to decorate your living space! Santa Ana Pueblo, situated along the Rio Grande, is home to a community of people who create beautiful etched pottery. The artists of Santa Ana Pueblo specialize in crafting elegant vases, bowls, and other ceremonial vessels, adorned with intricate designs that reflect their cultural heritage.

These designs often incorporate natural elements such as plants, animals, and celestial motifs, etched with precision and care. The pottery is typically finished with natural clay slips, giving each piece a distinctive and earthy appearance. Santa Ana Pueblo pottery is highly valued for its aesthetic beauty and cultural significance.

Zuni Pueblo Artists

The Zuni Pueblo, located in western New Mexico, are renown for their intricate and detailed pottery. Zuni artists are skilled in etching complex designs onto their pottery, which includes vases, bowls, seed pots, and wedding vases. The motifs often feature symbolic elements such as rainbirds, deer, and geometric patterns, each with deep cultural meanings.

Zuni pottery is characterized by its fine lines and detailed craftsmanship, achieved through a meticulous etching process. The use of natural pigments and traditional firing techniques results in stunning pieces that are both artistic and functional. Check out our Zuni pottery here: PT5222, PT5224, and PT5225.

San Juan Pueblo Pottery

San Juan Pueblo/Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo artists are known for handmaking etched designs on a variety of pottery forms, including vases, bowls, and wedding vases. The designs often reflect the natural environment and spiritual beliefs of the San Juan people, featuring symbols such as water waves, clouds, and feathers.

The pottery is made using traditional methods, with careful attention to detail in both the etching and the firing process. San Juan Pueblo pottery is distinguished by its elegant forms and intricate designs, making it highly sought after by collectors and art enthusiasts. Browse our San Juan pottery today!

Santo Domingo Pueblo Artists

Santo Domingo Pueblo, also known as Kewa Pueblo, has a long tradition of pottery making, with artists renowned for their skill in etched designs. The pottery includes vases, bowls, seed pots, and wedding vases, each piece crafted with meticulous care. Santo Domingo artists often incorporate traditional patterns such as kiva steps, lightning bolts, and animal figures into their designs.

The pottery is typically finished with a distinctive black and white slip, creating a striking contrast that highlights the intricate etching. Santo Domingo pottery is admired for its bold designs and cultural significance, reflecting the rich heritage of the Kewa people.

Selling Pueblo Pottery for More Than 100 Years!

The Cameron Trading Post was first founded in 1916 to trade items such as wool, blankets, and live-stock for dry goods with the local Navajo and Hopi peoples. Over the years, The Cameron Trading Post has traded and sold many different types of Native American pottery, art, jewelry, clothing, décor, food, and antiques. We also have a restaurant and a motel to make your experience at the trading post complete!

With more than one hundred years of selling Native American gifts, you can trust our team to provide beautiful, one-of-a-kind Pueblo, Navajo, Hopi, etc. art from talented local artists. If you’re looking for that special pottery gift, let our staff help you find the perfect Pueblo pottery piece that you and your loved one will treasure for years to come!

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