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Native American Dolls

This wonderful variety of Native American Indian themed dolls includes both the collectible and the playable dolls. From beautiful creations in porcelain by Golden Keepsakes to Navajo handcrafted babies you will love the selection. These Indian dolls incorporate ageless Native American art styles in their dress and accessories. These dolls are portrayed wearing beautiful Indian jewelry and Native American bead work styles reminiscent of the Sioux, Cheyenne, and other Plains Indian tribes. These Native American Indian dolls will fit beautifully in your doll collection and are unique and interesting additions to your Southwest art, Indian art, and Southwestern decor.

Native American Dolls History

The dolls play a very important role in the culture of the Native American people. Almost every tribe from many different regions around the world have their own version of the dolls, each version also has different materials, meanings, and ways of crafting the dolls. The Native American dolls history is oftentimes symbolic and holds a high spiritual significance and importance. Each doll and material used tells you more about the tribe that created it. Certain dolls are made in the image of spiritual beings.
The most famous of the dolls are the katsina figures made by Hopi people in Arizona. The dolls purpose is to teach children about the names and appearances of the many figures who appear in Hopi villages during the winter and early spring of the year and who play an essential role in the ceremonial life of the Hopi people. In the Navajo culture little girls used to practice making dolls to learn to make parkas. The dolls were also used as a teaching tool for people to learn to make something out of nothing, and about people being able to survive.

Handmade Native American Dolls

Our handmade dolls are carefully crafted to make sure they are as authentic as the originals, paying special attention to detail such as the materials used, methods for creating the dolls, and color choices. Perhaps it is for a gift, collectible, or playable. No matter what the reason, the dolls are a beautiful symbol of Native American life, and to pay a wonderful tribute to a piece of history that will always be prevalent.

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