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Dreamcatchers & Mandellas

Ever popular as unique items of Southwest decor, the Native American dream catcher imparts meaning as well as beauty to your home. Popular Native American legend says Dream catchers, woven webs of sinew and feathers, snare nightmares to dissolve them in the rays of the morning sun, while letting the good dreams through. In this part of the country the dreamcatcher is a staple in all Southwest decor! Dream catchers are woven of sinew like a spider web within a hoop. They are decorated with bead and feather accents and come in a variety of colours. Considered a symbol of good luck as well as a guard against bad dreams, the Native American hand crafted dreamcatcher is found in the Southwest decorating nearly every rearview mirror and bedroom! The Native American mandella is an American Indian art form inspired by the Plains Indian shield. The shield was more to the Native American Indian than just a defensive weapon. Shields were made with ceremonial care and imparted with powerful spiritual personal and tribal protections obtained from dreams and visions. Ceremonial shields were also made, not to be used in physical warfare but for protection on the spiritual plane. The decorative mandellas of today are certainly an expression of the Southwestern arts. These Native American Indian hand crafted mandellas are lovely, colourful, and dramatic, utilizing fur, wool, beads, and feathers to create a unique and beautiful item of Southwestern decor.

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