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Kitchen Linens & Accessories

Add some spicy Southwest home decor to your kitchen with these unique and charming kitchen accents. Here you will find everything for the kitchen with a Southwestern flair! Horse figures inspired by ancient Native American Indian petroglyphs prance across place mats, cooking aprons and tea towels. Kokopellis dance and play their flutes on oven mitts and pot holders. You can add an accent of Southwestern decor or deck out the whole kitchen in Southwest style! Before we set the table we have to lay down the placemats, napkins, and coasters. Matching Southwestern design placemats and napkins are patterned with kokopellis, horses, petroglyphs, and other Native American symbols. There are also Southwestern design placemat and coaster sets! You can match your settings or mix them up for some Southwestern domestic fun!

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