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Native American Housewares

We’ve been a trusted resource for Native American décor since 1916! Let Cameron Trading Post be your online resource for Native American houseware and décor, including kitchenware, wall art, and table art. We sell a wide variety of items to suit any decorating needs you may have, or to give as a gift! Enjoy beautiful Native American design potholders, oven mitts, kitchen towels, shot glasses, mugs, cactus gardens, blankets, tiles, and more.

At Cameron Trading Post, there is a long tradition in Native American décor and houseware. We have many items available in our store at our physical location, but we can’t possibly display all of our Native American houseware and décor in our online store, but we try! We offer a veritable cornucopia of Native American Indian art and Southwest décor. Shop our authentic Native American gifts online today!


Shop Genuine Native American Décor Online

The Cameron Trading Post has proudly traded and sold Native American décor since we were first founded in 1916. Collecting and decorating with Native American décor is a passion that has spread throughout the world! While you browse our Native American art, if you don’t find what you are looking for, please let us know. We will do whatever we can to help you find that special Southwestern gift you’re looking for! Cameron Trading Post offers kitchen décor, kitchenware, paintings, prints, design lamps, tables, mugs, candles, bookends, blankets, glass art, and more.

Native American Kitchen Décor & Kitchenware

If you enjoy collecting Native American kitchenware, let Cameron Trading Post be your first stop! We have a beautiful assortment of potholders, oven mitts, placemats, knives, kitchen trays, mugs and glassware, and coasters, all with Southwestern designs that honor the designs of local Southwestern peoples.

Set your well-earned drink on your Southwest Indian art sandstone kokopelli coaster, sit back and enjoy! Browse all our kitchen linens and accessories here to see all our Native American kitchenware and kitchen décor.

Native American Office Décor

Working from home? Cameron Trading Post has a large inventory of Native American office décor to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home office or other area of your home. These includes Native American blankets, bookends, lamps, paintings, wall décor, and decorative objects like lampstands/candle stands, and mouse pads.

Throw a Southwestern print fleece blanket over the back of Grandma’s couch, add a beautiful lampstand to your living room table, or plop a Mill Creek Eagle sculpture in that empty corner. Our live cactus gardens will also make a beautiful addition to your Native American office décor – set your plants on a bookshelf, office desk, table, etc. Take a look at our home office category to see how you can enhance your home office with beautiful Native American office décor!

Native American Wall Décor

Looking for genuine Native American wall décor online? At Cameron Trading Post, we know from personal experience that decorating with Native American and Southwestern wall art is fun! There is no end to the combinations you can make in your home. Southwest décor blends interestingly and easily with any decorating theme. For example, Navajo rugs and Pueblo pottery all compliment the Southwest décor found here.

You’ll also find paintings, glass art, posters, and other Native American wall décor that you can proudly hang on the wall! So hang a couple of Southwestern prints on the wall of your home, office, or cabin. Native American wall art, in all its forms, seems to hold something intrinsic that appeals to all humanity.

Native American Décor FAQs

Where to shop for authentic Native American décor online?

If you are looking to invest in authentic Native American décor and houseware, look no further than Cameron Trading Post. We have been trading and selling Native American houseware since we first got started in 1916. These include genuine blankets, kitchen décor, office décor, wall art, and more. The price reflects the hard work and unique one-of-a-kind item by a talented local artist.

How can I make my home have more of a Native American influence in home décor?

To add Native American décor to your home, we suggest adding traditional design elements, such as rugs, pottery, wood carvings, dreamcatchers, blankets and kitchen, wall, or table art. Other ideas include adding furniture and other items made or carved from wood. Genuine Native American décor will always be handmade by a skilled Pueblo, Navajo, Hopi, or other artist.

What type of décor is found within Native American homes?

Native Americans, by tradition (and as passed down by many generations), have used natural materials such as feathers, wood, leather, and wool to meticulously craft a wide variety of Native American houseware. These include rugs, blankets, dreamcatchers, clothing, wood carvings, and art, which you can find on our website.

Authentic Native American Décor Since 1916

Founded in 1916, Cameron Trading Post has authentic Native American décor, kitchen décor, and houseware, designed by talented local artists in Arizona. Native American décor and houseware is our specialty – and if we don’t have it, we know where to look! Questions about our Native American décor? Please contact our team today for assistance. If you’re interested in learning more about history of Native American art, take a look at this article for further information.

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