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Cameron Trading Post’s History

A Swayback suspension bridge was erected over the Little Colorado River in 1911 creating the first easy access over the gorge. Soon after, two brothers, Hubert and C.D. Richardson established Cameron Trading Post, visited at that time only by the Navajo & Hopi locals to barter their wool, blankets, & live-stock for dry goods.

A trip to the post to trade could take days of travel by horse-drawn wagon. Guests were always treated as family, fed & housed by the trading post during their stay. As traders, the brothers were more than merchants. Understanding local dialects & customs, they were trusted by the local Native American people in matters concerning confusing new American legal & social systems. Over time as roads improved & interest in the area grew, The Cameron Trading Post’s convenience to the Grand Canyon & other intriguing areas made it popular for other travelers as well. Cameron’s philosophy of hospitality accommodated these changes while maintaining its role in the local community.

Cameron Trading Post has existed more than a century and the people who work here have done so for generations. The president of the company is himself descended from the original founders, maintaining the philosophy of hospitality and respect evident in the operation of Cameron Trading Post today.

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