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Unique Design Rugs

With any recognized art form there are always to be found the rebels and innovators. The same is true for Navajo rugs! I use this category to include those Navajo rugs that don’t fit easily into a pigeon hole. These rugs include round woven rugs, often from the Ganado area woven perfectly round on a standard square loom! Also in this category are recent revivals such as the “new Germantowns” and unusual weaving techniques like the Newlands and coal mine mesa raised outline Navajo rugs and double sided rugs in which the weaver manipulates the warp and weft to create a pattern of raised design elements or a rug with a different design on each side. Saddle blankets and Navajo mohair rugs with strands of mohair woven into the weft on one side to create a soft fur effect are also found here when available.

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