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Southern Plains Antelope Hide Leggings

Size: 8.50" W27.75" H
SKU: 900149733




Southern Plains antelope hide leggings. Native tanned antelope hide, antelope hooves, Venetian beads, green and yellow ochre, sinew thread. fringed edges, twisted in pairs. The back of the leggings also feature single fringes and a row of antelope hooves tied down the seam vertically. The second to the last antelope hoof on the right legging has been incised with 13 small round holes. Thin band of Venetian bead edging on the outer edge of the front is sewn with sinew thread. Rubbed over all with yellow ochre, with green ochre rubbed at back seam edge.

Condition: Very good condition. Hide stretched at the knees from wear. Two Native repairs to the hide. One tear in the hide on the left inner edge and one on the right outer edge. Stains from wear. A few missing fringes and two missing antelope hooves.

Circa: 1880

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