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Sioux Quilled Buffalo Hide Bow Case & Quiver

Size: 53" L20" W
SKU: 900147040




Brain tanned buffalo hide, thong and sinew construction. Quiver is decorated on one side with porcupine quill in linear red and white stripes and blue stroud tufts. The bow case is decorated in a similar manner but quilled on each side. Three decorative triangular tabs; two on each opening side and one at the closed end of the bow case, are completely quilled on one side in colours of yellow, blue, red, purple, and white. The shoulder strap is also quilled in yellow and white with beaded edges of Venetian seed beads in greasy yellow, cobalt blue, and red white-hearts. At intervals along the strap and at the ends of each tab are tin cone decorations with long red-dyed horse hair tufts.

Condition: A 3/8" hole in the face of the quiver. Minor quill loss, mostly on the long strips terminating in cones. Six areas of bead loss on strap edge. Most of the blue stroud, the only cotton sewn part of the bowcase, is missing. The blue stroud tufts may have been a later Native addition.

Circa: 1875

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