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Santa Clara Pot

Size: 4" L4" W3.5" H
SKU: 900163484




Santa Clara Pueblo pottery with painted designs made by Eric Tafoya.

Eric Tafoya

Eric Tafoya was born in 1969 into the Santa Clara-Tewa Pueblo. His interest in pottery was sparked at the age of 19 while watching his aunt, Gwen Tafoya, and his mother, Wanda Tafoya, coil pottery. The Tafoya family has been making pottery since the early 1900’s and the tradition is being carried on by Eric.

Eric specializes in the traditional hand coiled Santa Clara pottery with the classic black finish usually etched or with added sgraffito designs. Eric also adds the flare of a burned red brim and hues to his work. He etches flowers, hummingbirds and designs of feathers on his pottery.

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