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Otter Skin Bow Case and Quiver

Size: 49" L
SKU: 900071217




Rare, antique central plains beaded otter skin bow case and quiver. The maker is unknown but is possibly of Cheyenne descent. Composed of a cloth black bow case with remains of a yellow pigment, worn silk ribbon binding on the point and a narrow band of blue, yellow and white glass beadwork on the flaring top flap. A tapering cylindrical quiver is stitched in similar colors with pink, light blue, translucent red and green glass beadwork against a white background with rectangular motifs around the opening. Elongated triangles and rows of right triangles against the hide ground on the long pendant flap. The point and shoulder strap are overlaid with hide strips inset with red stroud panels and trimmed with beadwork. There is an adornment of tin cone pendants. The five arrows have steel tips. Animal skin is cut to form fringe. The length of the bow case is 49" and the length of the quiver is 30 1/2".

Condition: Quiver does have damage on the strap. Some restoration.

Circa: 1890

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