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Cheryl Yazza Veteran Doll Collection

Size: 26" H
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Handmade by Navajo artist Cheryl Yazza of Four Corners. Cheryl has made a limited number of these dolls; The Code Talker and his wife, the Blue Star parents and Gold Star parents - but never has she created the the entire six piece set as she has done exclusively for the Cameron Trading Post. The brave Navajo marines known as "Code Talkers" used their Native language to relay messages during WWII. The unbreakable code was pivotal to the allied victory in the Pacific. Cheryl Yazza created her own molds and hand poured the porcelain for the heads and faces of each doll. Meticulous in her art, she hand painted each face, and carefully researched and executed by hand each costume to depict the traditional clothing and jewelry of these beautiful dolls. We are proud to offer the entire one-of-a-kind set commemorating the bravery and sacrifice of the Navajo Code Talkers and the Navajo soldiers and their families who have given all in service to their country.

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