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Cheyenne Women’s Pipebag

Size: 10" L5" W
SKU: 900149667




Brain-tanned deer hide construction, sinew thread, Venetian glass beads, yellow ochre.  Woman's pipebag designed in the classic style for a Cheyenne woman's bag with a banded center box and stripes against a white background and bifurcated tabs comprising the opening with the edges lined in beads. Bead colors are white, burnt orange, sky blue, translucent red, and translucent green. The beading as well as the bag are all sewn with sinew. The outer hide is rubbed with yellow ochre.  Fringe measures 12 1/2".

Condition: Some slight stiffness in one upper quadrant of the fringe. The bag shows slight wear and dirt from use. There is no bead loss.

Circa:  1900

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