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Pima Basket

Size: 15.25" W2.75" H
SKU: 900130290




Handmade Pima basket by an unknown artist. The Pima tribe, located in southern Arizona, are well known for their basketry. At the turn of the century, the baskets served as a vital instrument used for religious ceremonies, carrying, preparing and serving food, washing, collecting, storing, trading, payment, and gifting. Traditional basket materials included willow, cattail, devil's claw, beargrass, yucca, and yucca root. The start of the basket, the center, is usually designed using a four square or plaited knot technique. Then the plant bundles were wrapped around the start and stitched with the willow or yucca and devil's claw splints. This particular basket is woven with willow and devil's claw. It features the traditional design of the four generations or whirling logs.

Circa: 1930

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