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Antique Apache Olla

Size: 14" W20.5" H
SKU: 900009993




Yavapai Olla reminescent of the early style milk cans, this basket is beautifully shaped and designed. The eye is immediately drawn to the large, geometric 6 pointed stars just below the shoulder. Each of these stars has a checked diamond center and a coyote track above. This design theme repeats again at the neck of the basket. Unusually symmetrical, there are checked geometric designs and dogs or coyotes around the rim. On the base of the basket is a five-pointed star with a black center. Most Yavapai ollas have a beautifully designed base; each design element is artistically calculated to please the eye. So why spend the time, effort and materials in decorating the base of a basket? Look inside!

Condition: Good condition. Scattered stitch loss. Patina and fading commensurate with age.

Circa: 1910

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