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Antique Hopi Coil Basket

Size: 24" W36" H
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Very large Hopi Coil Olla. This is a remarkably large basket, woven with a grass bundle foundation and yucca stitches in natural white and yellow, analine red and black. Two coil handles are present on either side at the top of the basket. Three bands of geometric design create two large open design fields populated with Kachina figures; the bottom band being a meander with a band of stepped triangles, possibly mountain designs, at the rim and in the middle. The five kachinim in the upper field are full figures depicting the Corn Mother from the Powamuy ceremony and four Powamu kachina. The bottom field designs are the faces or masks of the Corn Mother, Cow, Snow, and Powamu. The base of the basket has a canvas-type cloth covering the coils and designed with two slightly curved lines together in the friendship symbol. This may have been original or added later to help save the coils. If it is a later addition it was almost certainly added natively.

Condition: Fair condition. Large areas of stitch loss at the base of the basket. Most of the stitches are missing along the top coil and there are large areas of stitch loss scattered around the top nine or so coils. Scattered stitch loss throughout. The aniline dydes have faded from light exposure on the outside.

Circa: 1940

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