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Antique Apache Olla Basket

Size: 19" W21.5" H
SKU: 900055136




Yavapai or Apache Olla. This wide-shouldered olla is finely woven on a willow rod base with willow and devil's claw stitching. The design flows forth from a black circle center at the base from which two diamond-back vertical bands and nine zig-zag lightning bolts emerge. One of the bolts terminates early into splayed mountain lightning while the other 8 transform in to into horizontal lightning bands or vertical diamonds. The design fields created by the lower bands are populated with one cross and several humanoid figures given negative look at you eyes. The second taller band comprising most of the shoulder harbors humanoid figures on horseback, dogs, riderless horses, crosses, stair step geometrics and long, fringed medicine bags. The design finishes with two lightning bands conjoining to create an open diamond pattern around the neck of the basket. Small rods were used making this a finely woven basket. This olla was likely intended for tribal use rather than for sale.

Condition: Good condition. Scattered stitch loss throughout body with five consecutive stitches comprising the most loss on the body. Moderate stitch loss on a few coils on the base. Dirt and dust accumulation.* Patina and fading commensurate with age.*(We tend to leave historic pieces as we find them. Repair and cleaning is an option we prefer to leave up to the purchaser)

Circa: 1890

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