Specializing in Native American Crafts Since 1916

Wilma Gachupin

Clay Artist

Artist Profile

Wilma M. Gachupin, “Sacred Rock Basket”, was born into the Jemez Pueblo in 1957. Wilma was inspired to learn the art of pottery making by her brother, Kenneth Sando. She has been working with clay since the age of 28.

Wilma specializes in the natural hand coiled and hand painted storytellers, nativities and corn maidens. Wilma cleans, hand mixes, hand shapes and paints her sculptures using all natural colors. Wilma’s storytellers are distinguished by their big, bright eyes which she says were inspired by her daughter, Megan, who was born with “bright eyes”. Wilma signs her pottery: Wilma M. Gachupin, Jemez.

Wilma is related to Kenneth Sando (brother), Megan Gachupin and Kayla Gachupin (daughters).

Recent Work by Wilma Gachupin

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