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Wilma Baca


Artist Profile

Wilma Baca, “New Wheat”, was born into the Pueblo of the Jemez in 1967. Wilma was inspired to make pottery by her grandmother, Marie Reyes Shendo. Marie taught Wilma the fundamentals of constructing pottery using ancient methods passed down to her from her ancestors. She hand coils small bowls and outdoor ovens and has continued to enjoy working with clay.

Wilma specializes in the natural hand coiled and etched Jemez pottery. She has been etching pottery free hand since 1989. Her favorite pottery piece to coil is the wedding vase because of its meaning: “The spouts representing two separate lives, the bridge at the part unites these separate lives as one,” Baca said. Wilma signs her pottery: Wilma L. Baca, followed by the corn sign.

Recent Work by Wilma Baca

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