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Tony Dallas


Artist Profile

A Hopi Indian from the village of Moenkoni, Arizona, Tony creates sacred story teller clowns from clay. Growing up on the Hopi reservation he learned traditional kachina carving. In the early 1980’s he married into the Cochiti pueblo and was inspired to the learn the art of working with clay sculptures by observing his mother-in-law, Lucy R. Suina.

Tony seriously began making pottery in 1982. He learned the ancient traditional methods of constructing pottery and clay sculptures. Finally, he decided he really enjoyed making storytellers and continues to create a very unique contemporary style of art. “I started to hand coil a regular storyteller. Then, I thought for a moment, Mudheads and Koshare clowns also tell stories and they are so humorous to me. So I began experimenting with different styles of storytellers using my creative imagination to construct them,” Tony said. Tony’s style is a finely painted contemporary flare on traditional sculpture.

He signs his art: T.D. folled by a badger claw to denote his clan origin. Tony is related to the late Charles Loma.

Recent Work by Tony Dallas

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