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Lakota Beaded Doll

Size: 6.5" W9" H
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Native tanned deer hide, Venetian beads, human hair, porcupine quill, tin, cotton trade cloth, cotton and sinew thread. Elaborately dressed with beaded yolk, belt, moccasins, and leggings. Lower portion of the dress with beaded diamond decorations and faceted brass bead lacing at the hem. She wears a beaded awl case, ear drops of porcupine quill mimicking hairpipe drops. The yolk and leggings are fringed. She has beaded facial features and necklaces. Human hair, probably that of the maker's, shows the reddish-brown hue of the Native Lakota at the time.

Condition: Very good condition. Some bead loss to the faceted brass bead lace at the hem of the dress. Native repair to the left side seam of the dress.

Circa: 1880

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