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Lakota Sioux Beaded Doll

Size: 6.5" W9" H
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Lakota Sioux doll. This incredibly detailed doll was certainly a labour of love. The body, arms and legs are batting-stuffed tradecloth. The head and costume are brain tanned buckskin. The facial features consist of the eyes in white and black Venetian glass beads and the mouth of red white-hearts. The hair is human of a medium reddish-brown hanging in long braids at either side of the head held by hide thongs. The hair is arranged in small hanks held by a long sinew thread in successive knots, and sewn to the head. Her forehead is painted red. The doll is adorned with a hair pipe collar, five bead necklaces and a beaded choker. The dress in the two hide style has a fully beaded yolk with a stepped design over a medium blue background. The entire dress seems to be constructed from the scraps of five individual tanned hides. A series of blue, green, and red white-heart diamonds adorns the dress front about 1/3 of the way above the scalloped hen hem. The hem edge is further decorated with a lace of faceted metal beads. She wears a beaded belt upon which she has fastened her matching awl case; the detail of which is quite remarkable. Doll is outfitted with matching moccasins and leggings to complete the ensemble.

Condition: Very good condition. No visible blemish or loss of beads except on the scalloped hem where some of the faceted beading has become loose.

Circa: 1880

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