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Prinston Collateta

Kachina Carver

Artist Profile

Prinston Collateta, “Drumming Boy”, was born in 1981. He is half Hopi-Tewa, part Navajo and Jemez, member of the Sun clan and Eagle Clan. Prinston began sculpting at the age of 7. He learned the art of sculpting on wood from his father, Tom Collateta, Sr., and many other artists. Prinston has found he becomes more inspired when he receives compliments on his carvings. The encouragement makes him want to continue to perfect his dolls even more.

Prinston specializes in hand carving Hopi kachina dolls from scratch. He carves his kachinas from cottonwood. The dolls are carved with an ordinary pocket knife. He studies the wood and then lets his imagination take over. He enjoys carving full bodied dolls like Eagle dancers and Sun face kachinas the most because they represent his clans. Prinston signs his carvings as: P. Collateta, followed by a sunface along with the title of the kachina. Prinston is related to Tom Collateta, Jr. and Nero Collateta (brothers).

Recent Work by Prinston Collateta

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