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Plains Doll Cradle

Size: 19.5" L
SKU: 900147042




Native tanned deer and buffalo hide, canvas, Venetian beads, wood, cotton trade cloth, porcupine quill, cotton and sinew thread. Toy cradle and doll made from a recycled pair of moccasins. Wooden base covered in canvas, deer, and buffalo hide. The top of the cradle is from a moccasin vamp with beaded strips from moccasins and possibly other sources. Doll with beaded features, red and green stroud. Quilled strip over the head and at two places around the body. Knife-cut fringe at the bottom.

Condition: Good condition. Minor bead loss. Red stroud almost completely worn away. Some missing quill work. Thin deer hide cover beneath the beaded strips with holes and tears.

Circa: 1900

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