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Paulita and Gilbert Pacheco


Artist Profile

Paulita Pacheco is a member of the Fire Clan, born in 1943, and Gilbert is a member of the Corn Clan. Continuing traditional ways of life is very important to these fine artisans. Paulita was inspired to learn the art of working with clay from the late Juanita C. Tenorio (mother) and the late Andrea Ortiz (grandmother). At the age of 12, Paulita assisted her elders with gathering natural pigments from the grounds within the Santo Domingo Pueblo. Eventually, she was taught how to hand coil and paint on pottery. She was also inspired by her brother, Robert Tenorio. Gilbert also learned the art of working with clay at a very young age. He too assisted his elders with their pottery.

Paulita and Gilbert specialize in hand coiled traditional Santo Domingo pottery. They continue using the pottery making methods of their ancient ancestors. This pair of fine artisans contribute equally with the process of making their fine art. They hand coil many shapes and sizes of quality pottery. Paulita and Gilbert are proud of continuing a long lived tradition and hope the younger members of their Pueblo become inspired by them. They sign their pottery: Paulita Pacheco and a corn symbol to denote Gilbert’s clan. They are related to the famous Hilda and late Arthur Coriz (sister and brother-in-law).

Recent Work by Paulita and Gilbert Pacheco

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