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Patricia Daubs


Artist Profile

Patricia Daubs, “Turquoise Flower”, member of the Eagle Clan was born in 1963 into the Jemez. She began learning the art of working with clay at the age of 12. Her brother, the late Steve Daubs, inspired her to continue the familiy tradition of pottery making.

Patricia specializes in contemporary authentic hand-coiled pottery. She cleans, mixes, shapes, hand-coils, paints and fires her pottery the traditional way, outdoors, with cedar wood chips. Her designs normally include feathers, kiva steps and serpents. She also accents her pottery with turquoise stones to give it a unique style. She signs her pottery: Patricia Daubs, Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico. She is related to Dennis Daubs (brother), Gerri Daubs (mother) and the late Steve Daubs (brother).

Recent Work by Patricia Daubs

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