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Nuvadi Dawahoya

Kachina Carver

Artist Profile

Nuvadi “Snow” Dawahoya was born into the Hopi reservation in 1976. He began carving kachina dolls in 1995. His kachinas are carved from cottonwood roots and with a variety of sharp knives. The wood is sanded smoothly and textured with a wood burner. The unpainted doll is then sprayed with a polyurethane to seal the beautiful grain. Then it can be painted and shaded with acrylic paints.

Nuvadi’s sons, Dion and Austin are his inspiration to further his artistic ability through the strong beliefs in his traditional culture. He has high hopes that someday they will continue to carry on the family tradition of carving kachina dolls from cottonwood root, as their ancestors before him. “I was inspired and learned to craft my dolls from watching other family members. Although some of my work is traditional, I have created my own style of carvings. I am well known for my Butterfly Maiden and the Warrior Mouse kachina. They are two of my most famous pieces which I am credited with. I am proud and honored to be artistically gifted with this special talent. I am also extremely enthusiastic about sharing my kachina dolls with all who respect and appreciate my artistic abilities and my cultural background,” Nuvadi Dawahoya said.

Recent Work by Nuvadi Dawahoya

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