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Natural Pinon Cream






All natural pinon salve is used to relieve minor cuts, sores, dry skin, and infections. Ingredients include: Pinon Salve, coconut oil, and vitamin E. Reservation Handmade. Available in Small (3 oz.), Medium (5 oz.), Large (8 oz.) and Extra Large (10 oz.). Please note, weights include jar.

Nellie Tsosie

Nellie Tsosie has created Mom's Everything Cream in her home in Sweetwater, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation. After serving the local merchants and traders in the area, this small mom and daughter business is now serving people globally as the demand for piñon cream blossomed. Pinon cream is an old healing remedy used in the Tsosie family for generations as well as by other Native American tribes in the United States. Tsosie's great-great grandmother passed on the lotion to her mother at an early age. Tsosie says her mom remembers her grandmother using the cream on everything in the house and on pets because medications were difficult to obtain. Native Americans have long relied on old herbal remedies and may still do. Tsosie's piñon cream is made using natural healing elements found in their environment. The Tsosies hike to gather the ingredients and have songs and prayers as their forefathers taught them in order to use the ingredients for curing solutions. It is a spiritual journey they take with each batch made. The piñon cream helps treat dry skin, sores, skin infections, minor cuts, sunburns, insect bites and a variety of other skin conditions. The scent of the cream is said to have healing power as well. The cream can be used for massaging cream for relaxation or a rub for aching and sore muscles. In addition, it can also treat splinters, sties, athlete's foot and dry skin on feet. For gardeners and ranchers, it's said to heal weathered hands. The Tsosies call it "everyday cream" because they literally use it on everything.

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