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Myra Chino


Artist Profile

Myra Chino was born into the Acoma pueblo in 1965. Myra was a self taught artist. She began painting at the age of 15. Myra was inspired to continue the family tradition of painting on pottery from her ancestors. Myra was a natural gifted painter from the beginning.

Myra specializes in hand painting fine line and star burst patterns on ceramic pottery. She paints a little dot on all four sides of the pots to break up the pottery into sections so every side will be the same size of the starburst pattern. Thus, continuing the process throughout the pot. The end result is a wonderful, eyedazzling, hand painted pottery that mystifies all who appreciate the art of fine line designs. Myra signs her pottery: Myra Chino, Acoma, NM. Myra is related to Victoria Sarracino (sister) and Carla Vallo (sister-in-law).

Recent Work by Myra Chino

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