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Marilyn Ray

Clay Artist

Artist Profile

Marilyn Ray was born into the Acoma Pueblo in 1954 and is a member of the Yellow Corn Clan. She began experimenting with clay at the age of 12. Marilyn was inspired to learn the art of working with clay after watching her grandmother, the late Dolores S. Sanchez, work with her clay. By the age of 18, Ray had mastered the fundamentals of clay art and has since established herself as one of the finest storyteller makers of our time. Her storytellers have been called the largest, most complex and innovative styles.

Marilyn specializes in handmade sculptures such as storytellers, small children, nativities, animals and friendship bowls. Marilyn combines her skills in both traditional pottery making and figurative work. She signs her sculpture: Marilyn Ray, Acoma, N.M. followed by a hand drawn lizard. She is related to Rebecca Lucario, Judy Lewis, Diane Lewis, Carolyn Concho (sisters), Katherine Lewis (mother) and Sharon Bernard-Lewis (sister-in-law).

Recent Work by Marilyn Ray

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