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Marcus Homer


Artist Profile

Marcus Homer was born in 1971 into the Zuni Pueblo. He was inspired to continue the family tradition of pottery making from his ancestors. He began experimenting with pottery making at the age of 7.

Marcus specializes in a unique style of hand coiled cornmeal bowls and fetish bowls. Corn meal vessels are used for religious ceremonies, whereas fetish bowls are used for healing powers and good fortune from the four directions of Mother Earth. He also makes a wide variety of shapes and sizes of other contemporary and traditional styled pottery, although he is most known for his unique contemporary fetish bowls accented with lizards, frogs, serpents and tadpoles. He enjoys making them the most because he can express himself in so many different ways. All of Homer’s pottery is made from Mother Earth, the traditional way. Homer signs his pottery: M. Homer, with the year the pottery was made, followed by a bear paw and Zuni.

Recent Work by Marcus Homer

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