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Lillie Patricio


Artist Profile

Lillie Patricio was born in 1970 into the Acoma Pueblo. She was inspired to continue the tradition of crafting pottery from her father, Mike Patricio, Sr., and her sister, Samdrea Patricio. She began experimenting with pottery at the age of 15. Lillie observed her family constructing their pottery and this sparked an interest in pottery making.

Lillie specializes in hand coiled and hand painting on ceramic pottery. She paints her pottery with very fineline starburst designs. She sections the pottery then paints on very fine line geometrical patterns and continues to repeat the pattern around the pot. Lillie enjoys painting the starburst style, but she can also paint animals and nature scenes freehand. Lillie signs her pottery: Lillie Patricio, Pueblo of Acoma, followed by the year the pottery was made. Lillie is related to Mike Patricio (father, makes traditional pottery), Mike Patricio, Jr. (brother, paints lightning designs) and Samdrea Patricio (sister, who also paints fine line designs like Lillie).

Recent Work by Lillie Patricio

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