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Junior and Diane Aragon


Artist Profile

Wilbert “Junior” and Diane Aragon are full blooded Native American Indians. Junior was born in 1966 into the Acoma Pueblo and has been working with pottery since the age of 20. Diane was born in 1965 into the Laguna Pueblo and has been working with pottery since the age of 23. They were inspired to continue the long-lived tradition of working with pottery by many friends and relatives who also produce art work in one way or another. Working with pottery is a hobby that they both enjoy working on together as a couple. It brings them closer to each other as a family.

They specialize in handcrafting ceramic pottery using contemporary styles. They hand paint the pottery and hand etch designs of kachinas, kokopelli, animals, feather patterns and other unique designs on ceramic pottery. They fire their pottery in a kiln. Then, they airbrush the pottery with a beautiful glaze to give it that contemporary style they are famous for pioneering. They craft many different shapes and sizes of pottery. They sign their pottery: J.R. and Diane Aragon, Acoma-Laguna Pueblo, N.M.

Recent Work by Junior and Diane Aragon

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