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Julie Gutierrez


Artist Profile

Julie Gutierrez was born in 1965 into the Santa Clara Pueblo. She began experimenting with pottery at the age of 12. Julie was inspired by her mother, Victoria Gutierrez, who is known for her handmade bowls. She was also inspired by her sisters, Effie Garcia and Sally M. Gutierrez. They taught her the fundamentals of working with natural clays and pigments so she could continue the long lived tradition of working with clay.

Julie specializes in the contemporary and traditional handmade Santa Clara pottery that is etched and crafted with authentic turquoise stones. Julie hand etches her pots with flowers. Her trademark is the turquoise stones she adds to the center of each rosette. Aside from vases and bowls, Julie hand coils small mushrooms and small animals. She signs her pottery: J.A. Gutierrez, SCP. Julie is also related to Tony and Terry Gutierrez (uncle and aunt).

Recent Work by Julie Gutierrez

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