Specializing in Native American Crafts Since 1916

Joseph Begay


Artist Profile

Joseph Begay was born into the Navajo Nation in 1964. He learned the art of carving in stone from his friend, Jeff Lewis. Joseph began carving stone at the age of 22.

Joseph works with natural materials found throughout the Southwest. The materials he primarily carves from include: alabaster, serpentine, picasso marble, jet, dolomite, amber, argyte and sillonite. His distinctive animals include life-like respresentations of bears, turtles, eagles, coyotes, buffaloes and several others. His carvings are enhanced by either a solid or multi-color inlaid heartline or a prayer bundle containing arrows, feathers and heishi that he places on the backs of his carvings. Joseph is proud and honored to be artistically gifted with this special talent. He is also extremely enthusiastic about sharing his carvings with all who respect and appreciate his artistic abilities and his cultural background. He signs his carvings as: J.B.

Recent Work by Joseph Begay

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