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Irene Herrera


Artist Profile

Irene Herrera, “Apple Flower” was born in 1942. She is half Zia and half Jemez. Irene’s mother, Andrea Tsosie, taught her the traditional method of hand coiling pottery when Irene was 8 years old. She would watch her mother hand coil and paint pottery and by the age of 12 she began painting on pottery. Irene specializes in the traditional Zia pueblo hand coiled and hand painted pottery. “I enjoy making pottery because it comes from within my heart and it’s a gift to make my pottery,” Irene said. Irene signs her pottery: Irene Herrera, Zia. She is related to Leonard Tsosie, Rebecca Tsosie-Gachupin and Joanne Tsosie-Toribio.

Recent Work by Irene Herrera

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