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Hubert Candelaria


Artist Profile

Hubert Candelaria, “Butterfly”, was born into the San Felipe pueblo in 1965. He was inspired to continue a long lived tradition of working with clay by the late Maria Martinez, who was well known for her black pottery, and Nancy Youngblood. Hubert is a self taught artist. He began working with clay at the age of 21. He experimented with different types of clay until he found his own unique style. He admired Maria’s work and hoped that someday he could develop his own unique style in the art world. He has established himself as a fine artisan and has reached his goal of adding his own style to the art world.

Hubert specializes in hand coiled contemporary swirl, puzzle pots and holey pots with sharp, round ridges. Hubert hand cleans, mixes, hand coils, shapes, sands and fires his pottery in a kiln. He has established a reputation of a fine artsman. Hubert signs his pottery as: Hubert Candelaria, San Felipe pueblo, followed by the date the pottery was made.

Recent Work by Hubert Candelaria

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