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Hilda Whitegoat


Artist Profile

Hilda Whitegoat was born in 1967 into the Navajo Nation. Hilda was inspired to continue the long lived tradition of working with art by observing her sister, Susie Charlie, work on her pottery. Susie, who is credited with pioneering the popular Navajo etched pottery, shared the techniques of constructing the popular art form with Hilda.

Hilda paints on ceramic pottery and uses a sharp blade to hand etch the pottery. She paints and etches on all sizes of ceramic ware available to her. She signs her pottery: Hilda Whitegoat, Navajo. Hilda is related to Everson Whitegoat (brother), Myron Charlie (nephew) and Michael Charlie (nephew).

Recent Work by Hilda Whitegoat

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