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Farrell Cockrum

Clay Artist

Artist Profile

Farrell Cockrum “See-It-Tan” (Front Saddle) was born in the early 1960’s. As a member of the Blackfoot Nation, Farrell’s family passed down the heritage of their people to him. Farrell adds this heritage to his art work and has been making his art for more than 20 years. He was inspired to become an artist by his family who continued to encourage, support and challenge him to continue his gift of creativity.

Farrell specializes in handmade contemporary clay sculptures such as horses, bears, storytellers and Native American people. He accents his masterpieces with traditional clothing made from clay and uses many different accessories to give his masterpieces a unique flare. As only Farrell can, he adds a unique caricature and colorfulness to his sculptures. Farrell signs his sculptures as: Farrell, followed by the year it was made. He is related to: Glenn Eagle Speaker, Winston Wadsworth Jr. and William Weather Wax (uncle).

Recent Work by Farrell Cockrum

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