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Esther Cajero

Clay Artist

Artist Profile

Esther Cajero, “Bird Image”, member of the Fire Clan, was born into the Jemez pueblo in 1944. She enrolled in a pottery class in college and thus began her interest in pottery making. In 1980, she started experimenting with pottery again while watching her grandmother, Petra C. Romero, hand coil her pottery.

Esther specializes in handmade storytellers, clay sculptures and can hand coil pottery. She mixes her own clay, shapes, paints and fires her pottery the traditional way, outdoors. Esther uses all natural clays and natural paints. Sometimes Esther will accent her storytellers with a parasol to add a little flare. She customizes to special orders upon request. Esther signs her pottery as: E. Cajero, Bird Image, Jemez, followed by a title which she calls her figurines. Esther is related to the following artists: Joe V. Cajero, Jr (son), and Gabriel Cajero (nephew).

Recent Work by Esther Cajero

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