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Estevan Jennifer


Artist Profile

Jennifer M. Estevan and Michael Patricio are a couple that have teamed up to hand coil a very unique style of pottery. Jennifer was born in 1963 and Michael was born in 1968. They were both born into the Acoma pueblo. Jennifer began experimenting with pottery making at the age of 14. She was inspired to continue the family tradition of pottery making by her mother, Virginia Estevan, who taught her the essentials for making pottery. Jennifer and Michael contribute equally to the hard work it takes to make their intricate detailed pottery.

They specialize in the handmade traditional Acoma pottery, designed with lightning bolt patterns, which is referred to as the Anasazi design. All of the ingredients are borrowed from Mother Earth, including the colors derived from natural pigments. They hand coil a wide variety of shapes and sizes, however, Jennifer enjoys making the original olla style the best. Jennifer signs their pottery: J. Estevan, Acoma, NM.

Jennifer is related to Yvonne Estevan (sister) and Joe Estevan (brother).

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