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Erna Chosa


Artist Profile

Erna Chosa, “Broom Flower”, member of the Sun Clan, was born in 1959 into the Jemez pueblo. She was inspired to continue the family tradition of pottery making by her grandmother, Sarah Collateta, and has been making pottery since she was 19 years of age.

Erna chose to specialize in the Hopi traditional pottery instead of the Jemez styles. She learned the fundamentals from watching others make their pottery. She enjoys making elegant and finely painted wedding vases best of all because of its ceremonial representation. Wedding vases have been a part of pueblo life for centuries. She also enjoys making seed pots. Erna hand coils her pottery the traditional way and she even fires her pottery outdoors. Erna signs her pottery: E.C. Hopi-Tewa. Erna is related to the following artists: Antonita Collateta (mother) and Kathleen Collateta (sister).

Recent Work by Erna Chosa

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