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Emily Suazo-Tafoya


Artist Profile

Emily Suazo-Tafoya was born in 1959. She is Kiowa and Santa Clara. She was inspired to learn the art of pottery making from several family members including her grandmother, Clara Suazo. Emily has been making pottery since 1973.

Emily specializes in handmade and handcrafted (sgraffito) Santa Clara Pueblo pottery. Her pottery is made the traditional way and then completely covered with contemporary designs. Every one of her pots has its own distinct personality, whether it be of the human or wildlife design. It’s important to Emily that she produces a clean and sharp image on every pot she makes. The result is a “sparkling pottery gem” prized by collectors the world over. “It is important to me to share my unique style of contemporary pottery. It is also important to stay within traditional methods of potting,” Emily said. Emily signs her pottery: Snow-Cap Mountains, Emily Tafoya, SCP. Emily is related to Jennifer Tafoya (daughter) and the late Ray Tafoya (husband).

Recent Work by Emily Suazo-Tafoya

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