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Emery Calabaza

Jeweler, Silversmith

Artist Profile

Emery Calabaza was born in 1958 into the Santo Domingo pueblo. He was inspired on his own to make jewelry. He began hand making his jewelry in 1973 at the age of 15. Emery is a self taught jeweler.

Emery specializes in hand cut wafer stone jewelry. He will search for raw chunks of turquoise or jet. He slices and grinds down the chunks of stone into small flat round wafers that he can string into beautiful necklaces and earrings. Emery’s quality of work in wafer stone cutting is one of the finest you can find today. He makes the single, double and triple strand necklaces. Emery does not sign his name on his work because it is impossible to carve it anywhere on his jewelry.

Emery is related to Lita Lovato (cousin) and Thomas Calabaza (uncle).

Recent Work by Emery Calabaza

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