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Elsie Glander

Rug Weaver

Artist Profile

Elsie Glander is an accomplished weaver who is appreciated for her finely woven rugs. Her rugs are all storm patterns or geometric designs. She washes and spins commercial wool giving her finished rugs a finer texture.

Elsie has been weaving for over 40 years. She learned to weave from her mother at an early age. As a weaver at Cameron Trading Post, many people have been able to watch and admire her work as she shares her style and skills with the public.

“I always have a flaw in the design on the rug. This is my signature and identification of my work,” Elsie said.

Elsie is Navajo and was born and raised in the Cameron area. She is a member of the Honey Comb Cliff Dweller Clan (Tsenjikini).

Recent Work by Elsie Glander

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