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Edna Chino


Artist Profile

Edna G. Chino was born into the Acoma pueblo in 1935. Edna is a member of the Eagle Clan. Frances Torivio taught Edna the fundamentals of work with clay art and using the ancient traditional hand coiling methods at the age of fifteen.

Edna specializes in hand coiled traditional fine line design pottery. She enjoys coiling the traditional olla shapes which were used for water and cooking by her ancestors. Once the pot is formed, she sets it out to dry and begins breaking up plants, such as spinach which makes a black color, and uses yucca stems for a paint brush and flowers for color. When the pot is fully dry, she begins to hand sand it for a smooth finish. Then, she hand paints each piece. The Chino family is well known for their hand painted fine lines and floral designs. She signs her pottery: Chino. She is related to: Clifford L. Garcia (father), Lita L. Garcia (mother), Josephine Sanchez, Virginia Victorino, Maxine Sanchez (sisters), Corrine Chino, Jeanette “Jay” Vallo (daughters), Kevin Chino, the late, Brian Chino (sons).

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