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Deborah Aragon


Artist Profile

Deborah Aragon, モShriメMy To Wiヤ, began potting at the age of fifteen. Aragon was inspired to continue the family tradition of making her pottery by her grandmother, the late Helen R. Vallo. Deborah often observed Helen’s hand coiling and painting techniques using all natural pigments. Deborah specializes in contemporary stone polished and etched horsehair pottery, also known as “Greenware” or unfired pottery. Deborah randomly throws authentic horse hair on her pottery while it’s still hot and then she removes the hair and polishes her pottery with a stone. She also etches animals and geometric patterns on her pottery. Her style of pottery has a unique grey shaded color in comparison to the other horse hair pottery available today. She signs her pottery: D. Aragon, Acoma.

Recent Work by Deborah Aragon

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